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Introducing Al Assistant, the Al solution crafted by humanDAO to bring unparalleled efficiency and user experience to the web3 ecosystem. Our state-of-the-art technology combines the power of Al and the unique features of web3 to provide a seamless and intuitive interface for your users to learn about and understand your project. With a deep understanding of the web3, we cater specifically to the needs of DAOs, protocols, and gaming platforms.

Boost Your Platform with AI-Driven Value!

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Tailored Solutions

Our custom-built AI will supercharge customer support and remove repetitive user interactions

Seamless Onboarding

Effortlessly guide users and streamline the new user experience to bring more traffic to your project

Advanced Strategy

Al Assistants optimizes users time and performance on your platform, increasing repeat business

DeFi Assistant

Navigate DeFi on Enzyme Finance with our AI Assistant! Receive instant, user-friendly assistance and insights whenever you need them.


Project Assistant

Explore Optimism effortlessly with our Project focussed Assistant! Gain instant, straightforward assistance and insights at your convenience


AI Assistants: Powered by Human Task Force

Our Human Task Force platform allows us to offer a superior service when compared to rival platform AI products that rely on web scraping or other methods. We use a method similar to openAI's RLHF (reinforcement learning from human feedback) to greatly improve our AI assistants.

Through Human Task Force, we can create and validate extensive datasets while providing wages to assistants. This builds a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem for growth and helps us achieve the DAO's mission.

Essentially, our "Human Assistants" ensure that our AI Assistants are accurate and keeps our clients AI up-to-date. Focus on building your game, protocol, DAO or mission. Let our Assistants handle the rest.

AI Product Comparison


Rival Platform AI Products

Human­Dao AI

Key Features
On-going maintenance
24/7 availability
Integration with web platforms
Tailored to Your Project’s Needs
Sources, Images & Links
Up-to-date on-chain data feeds
Personal 1 on 1 support
Multilingual Support
Personalized UI
100% human vetted source material
Wages to underserved communities
FREE Human Task Force Credits (Monthly)

Become a humanDAO Ambassador

Work with us and earn up to 15% commision for every sale of AI Assistants.

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About humanDAO: Improving Lives Through Crypto

humanDAO, founded in 2021, is a community-funded, social impact DAO. Our mission to create innovative solutions and forge meaningful partnerships has led us to collaborate with industry-leading NFT projects like Moonbirds, web3 projects such as BanklessDAO, and immersive web3 games like Thetan Arena. We are driven by a passion for empowering underserved communities, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and making a lasting impact on the world

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